Solstice Seeds


The seasonal cycle laps like
waves of an infinite ocean
at the edges of my soul.
Rolled into the mystery
I remember the expansive sigh
that takes in the whole creation.
Opening my meditative eyes
I see the sea
Of wise and wonderful women.
These handpicked handsome ones
Sit in serene circles
And anchor the ocean to the earth.
Stitching in, carefully, the swirling
colours of creation.
A deep resonant song
Sings us together
In graceful turns
Of the solar wheel.
Sunlight finds her work easy as
Our joy fills each room and cupboard.
My great grateful heart
Welcomes the yoga stretch
That occurs as I sit
In full saturation
Exposure to the radiance of this company.
My hair curls itself into
Ringlets of exhilaration
At the recognition of the spiral start
Of our ourobouros hearts.
The long knitted scarf
Formed from one strand
Of love/laughter/life.
Delicious flight of freedom
Eternal freefall to the center
Held aloft by steady head/mind/heart/bodies.
The ocean pours in the
Open door
Ready to greet itself
As new friend.


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