Year Ending – Year Beginning


Image by openDemocracy via Flickr

In a few short days this year will be over and a new one begun. The cycle completed and started all at the same time. It is natural to review the events of the year and to make plans for the next one. This clearing out process is very important to our well-being. Can we celebrate the endings as much as the beginnings? Letting things go is a skill. As we shed the objects, beliefs, and behaviours that no longer serve us, we make room for new growth and opportunities in our lives.

Think about surrendering your past and letting go of your future at the same time. Both past and future are abstractions we construct in our minds. Once the moment has passed, it no longer exists. We retain a record of our experiences in order to learn and develop, but our past is not our life. Our life is lived in the present moment, only. Thinking about the future is really the same as thinking about the past, since we often project forward our expectations based on our previous experiences.

So embrace 2012 the same way we embraced 2011, one moment at a time.


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