Cocoa and Kisses

kids_streetten little fingers curl protectively around the small mug
we silently sip
a brief still moment shared
between blocks and trains and cars and catch
a pause to colour
then off to storytime and pretend and hide and seek
superheros have thoughtful conversations with cowboys and spacemen
on the ride to the zoo and park and store
ten little toes stomp in dinosaur tracks
across the toy-filled living room
tears chase smiles
across sweet smooth cheeks
serious tumbles after silly on a fast paced parade

we dance and wrestle and hug
as it is first bath then bed then book
a session, procession, recession
a tug and pull and push
to play all the way through to
sweet dreams

the walls fall silent and listen to themselves
the air gently settles to a soft hum
so still when the whirlwind sleeps
the restless wreckage of play
gets packed away
reloaded in the toybin with an explosive hinge

lavender shades of dawn
embrace a small voice at the edge of the bed
two bony knees and two sharp elbows
tuck wrestelessly into the cozy parabola
that once held a tiny baby
springy, silly, bounding
bouncing out of bed
and back to busyness.


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