Pencil Sketches

English: Closeup of a pencil tip.The graphite tip rambles
over the coarse mountains
the paper maker left.
How can I get this straight?
When I rest my head down
my eyeball zooms in on the crumbles and bumbles
of this attempt,
this stroke.
Struck right in the dark.
Moving slowly in drawn out circles.
My pencil curves around my Venus mound.
Arching out of the soft sweet flesh,
It pushes the tip deeper,
grooves left from my vigour.
Pressing on.
Press the corners into smooth curves,
So I don’t forget
the tender cut
from the first sheet touched
with yellow HB, chopped from virgin trees
on mountainous slopes
from fresh thoughts.
Curling into tight spirals
the sharpened tip
looks deep into the fresh
pressed page.
A face, an eye, a soft curve
quick tempo
short strokes
fill in
the subtle textures.
Pencil line traces
define my softer edges
and bring me closer
to my pink end.


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