Appreciating Jerry Hicks

Jerry Hicks passed away November 18, 2011. He was the husband of Esther Hicks who channels the group of Beings known as Abraham. Read Esther’s wonderful post about it here.

Here is my message of appreciation for Jerry:

Dearest Jerry,

Thank you so much for being a relentless question-asker like me. The questions you have asked Abraham through the years have given me many satisfying answers and even more delicious questions yet to ask. I am sure that you have had your questions answered in a wonderful expansive way when you reentered Source and I know you will continue your fun and expansive relationship with both Esther and Abraham.

I so much appreciated your physical life and the wonderful physical materials you have provided to help us questioners to discover some interesting answers. I look forward to attending my first Abraham lecture soon and ask them some very delicious questions.

Dearest Esther,

Thank you for your joyous receptive nature to allow Abraham to speak through you. I am so very happy that you are wanting to continue this process with Jerry helping you from his Source-filled state. You have helped me so much with my own process of accepting the death process. I have had four members of my family pass over into Source this year and I have been having trouble accepting the absence of their physical form. Thank you for saying that accepting death will help me play better with them in their place of Source. That makes so much sense to me.

Thank you for being honest with us in your blog post about being a bit angry with Jerry for not sticking around in the physical world. I also understand this one! When my Grandma passed, all I could hear for days afterwards was her shouting “I’m still here!”. And so is Jerry, but I imagine he might say it a bit differently. 🙂 All my love to you in this time of transformation.

Much love and respect,



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