Holiday Traditions Revisited

Holiday season is here and no matter what you are celebrating, chances are that you have a bunch of traditions you have adopted from your family. Before I had my son, I pretty much followed the secular Christmas traditions my family had solidified over the years. Now that I am a Mom I get the pleasure and privilege of carving out our own traditions within our small family (with my husband’s input of course). While we are both spiritual, we don’t follow any one religion over another. That puts us in an interesting place that many people share; we don’t go to church, but here we are celebrating a Christian holiday.

We did discuss, briefly, not celebrating Christmas other than attending family events. But, let’s face it, Christmas time is just too much fun. We both grew up knowing the excitement of a Christmas morning, so we could hardly deny our son that same experience. Since we live in a mainly Christian country there is also the backdrop of fitting into society to consider as well, though that definitely played a smaller role in our decision to keep Christmas.

So, if we are not Christian, then what are we really celebrating at Christmas? Both my husband and I do like Jesus’ philosophies and teachings, so that is a pretty nice thing to celebrate. We also like the spirit of generosity that accompanies the Holidays; that being the main time when food banks receive their donations. Giving back to our community is important to us. So, we have the ritual of buying a toy, with the help of our son, to give to the local toy drive. Since our son is small, we bought a small toy to give to him after he put the bigger toy in the bin. I am so proud to say that he didn’t know about the small toy when he happily gave away a LEGO set. What a sweetie. The reason for the small toy for him was to mainly put in place a positive association with giving in his three year old mind. Maybe he is already a generous boy.

As for the rest of the holiday season, what my husband and I really love is visiting with family over some fun board games. I also like putting puzzles together, and I figured one a year is perfect. We did some baking tonight and we will also get a real Christmas tree. Gifts we have decided to keep low key with stockings in the morning and one bigger gift each. The shopping for the big gift will be decided by the rest family, so that we don’t end up with tons of shopping. Although I think the real tradition is the yearly discussion of how much we should buy for each other. Every year we end up deciding to do the same thing. 🙂

A new tradition will be to do our yearly donating on as a family. We are basically spending the amount of an extra present each and instead giving it away to a charity.

Everyone will have their own traditions that are right for them. I think the most important thing is to consciously choose what you do and why you are doing it. Even if you don’t change a thing, I think the intent behind our traditions and rituals are very powerful.

How will you be spending your holidays?


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