Daily Posting – Life Changing

It has now been two months since I took the postaday2011 challenge. This short time has been amazing. Life changing, really. I have a bunch of reasons why I am now completely smitten with blogging daily and why I plan on blogging as long as I live. Here goes:

  1. It has challenged me as a writer. It can be tough generating content to write about some days, but I always do. I have always managed to find something to post no matter how small. Some of my best posts were written when I thought I had nothing to say.
  2. It shuts up my inner critic. The critical inner voice says things like “You don’t have anything good to say.” or “Nobody cares what you think.”, but blogging is an act of defiance and creativity and I generate a stronger inner ally every time I write.
  3. Daily writing is an act of love. Taking the time to do something purely for joy makes my heart happy. It is selfish and self-indulgent; and I love it. I now steadfastly guard my writing time, where before I would let it slip for days or months.
  4. I’m strengthening my style. Each time I post I develop my writing muscles and I learn to edit with care. I find I am generating my ‘voice’ that other writers seem to think is a big deal. 🙂
  5. Daily writing is a powerful commitment. The act of commitment is powerful. I have found that I have naturally started to add other small things to my day that I know will help me live the life of my dreams. Things like drinking water, exercising, and meditation. I was doing these things before, but the power of a daily commitment to writing has shown me how important small, consistent actions can be.
  6. Blogging connects me to a community. I love the diversity of amazing and interesting authors out there and the passion people have for all sorts of things. There really is something for everyone out there.
  7. Blogging flexes my civil rights muscle. The power of publishing with no editor is huge. Before the advent of the interwebs, nearly all written material was published and distributed by businesses in the print industry. This means that everything published had to meet the editorial standards of the publisher; who was likely more interested in profitable words rather than honest words. Blogging means anyone can broadcast their message to millions of people, for almost no cost. Revolutionary!
  8. I can help with my words. I love the possibility that I could help someone with something I write. Even if it is just that they get a chuckle out of my odd, nerdly sense of humour.
  9. Blogging primes the writing pump. I find I am more interested in writing the more I do it. Also I have started to think that writing a novel or non-fiction book is possible since I can see how small daily efforts can add up. I have more ideas and I have more motivation.
  10. It shifts my focus from the HOW to the NOW. I am building my second career as a holistic practitioner and I have big dreams of opening my own retreat centre. As a natural planner and worry-wart, I tend to spend a lot of time agonizing over HOW I am going to MAKE this happen. Not productive. But needing to generate something to write in this blog gets my mind focused in the present moment. I begin to fully experience my life as it is right NOW, as I think about how I might write about it. Every moment and experience becomes a potential topic, filed away for later use. It is a delicious feeling.

How has daily writing helped you? Any words of wisdom from long-time bloggers to a n00b?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. marsha anderson
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 17:52:02

    Great blog! I commend your determination! This is the second time I have sent a reply but my computer is being finiky and I keep losing it. So hope it gets to you! Thank you for giving me inspiration to write daily. I have been reading a lot and it has enhanced my creativity. My head is filling up with ideas each day. Thank you for inspiring me to put it on paper!


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