Out with the Yang in with the Yin

This new year is about allowing. It is the heart and power of the feminine unleashed. It is the yielding to the flow of the universe in order to receive the gift of the journey. A beautiful unfolding of pure potential. Enjoy!


Joy moments

Playing games
Holding hands

It all adds up to a well spent year.

Fun and games

Having spent all night for the last 5 nights playing games with family, I am sleepy. I’m sure there is much to ponder and write about, like the nature of winning and sportsmanship in a family dynamic or the blissful sharing of a strategy, post-game, but not tonight. Tonight I write because I made the commitment, and writing feels better than not writing. I am interested to see how daily posting in 2012 will go. I look forward to many wonderful surprises. I really have no idea where I will be this time next year (and really, neither do you). So many moments to be grateful for. Like exhausting yourself playing Catan and Loot. 🙂

The Vole Brothers

My son’s new favorite book is “The Vole Brothers” by Roslyn Schwartz. He is 3 and the book has become a minor obsession. The words “The End” should actually read “Again! Again!”. We have not owned a book yet that gets such an enthusiastic response. The pure joy he exudes when we read the book is infectious and I am more than willing to read and reread it at bedtime. Such a sweet thing.

What if everything is working out perfectly?

52/52. Looking back, consider the concept of all events of the year as exactly right. Maybe there were no wrong turns, maybe all our (perceived) errors have lead us to greater understanding and clarity.
00/52. Looking forward, consider the concept of ease. Think of walking through open doors and aligning yourself with your desire. Flow towards what you want and leave the details and fretting aside.
Things to roll around in the brain/heart.

The best Vietnamese Pho Soup in Calgary


Hands down, the best place to grab a delicious bowl of authentic Vietnamese Pho (noodle soup, usually beef) in Calgary is Pho Hoai Vietnamese Noodle House located at 132 3 Ave SE, Calgary,‎ AB,‎ T2G 4Z4, Canada.
I go there regularly with my family and it is just the perfect meal when it is cold outside. My favorite is 18B, the noodle soup without meat, spicy. A small bowl is lots for one person. The pho is served with the freshest bean sprouts, lime and Thai basil in town. The service is incredibly quick and always good.
I appreciate the consistency, both in the food and the service. I like going to local, family run restaurants and this one we literally crossed the city to eat there tonight. An awesome counter point to a turkey holiday.
If you go now, you can also get a free calendar to celebrate the year of the dragon.

And to all a good night

A very merry Christmas to all the writers and readers. I hope Santa filled your stocking full of crisp new words and lovely stationery.

Merry Christmas

Have a wonderful Christmas. May you love more than you give, and listen more than you speak. Let the warm light of peace blossom sweetly in your soul and have a good laugh in the company of love.

Here is a fun video.

The Night before the night before

This is a night of doing laundry and watching Bollywood movies. A cosy pre-Christmas time post before I sleep.

Making People Happy 101

English: Classroom in SIM University.
Image via Wikipedia

The first thing to know in this class is that you will fail it. Sorry.You have signed up for a semester of learning pleasing conversation, wearing fashionable clothes and picking that perfect gift. All of which will do diddly squat. Yes. I said diddly.

You could have taken a class in something useful, like Spanish, or mind expanding, like Physics, or even just plain fun, like Painting. Instead, you are here, in this dingy classroom, sitting in a chipped desk, under the only fluorescent bulb that is flicking. Thumbs up.

Perhaps you may learn something in this class that could help you yet. Maybe you could learn to make only one person happy. Pick someone close to you. No. closer. Yes, that’s right. You.

If I had renamed this class Making Yourself Happy 101, you might have had a chance of passing. Except, if you stuck around to get a grade then you would fail. Nice choice.

So do yourself a favor, drop this class. Pick another. Take training in something that means something special to you. Travel to wonderful places. Hey, you could even just go get a nice coffee from a local shop and sit there sipping from an actual mug; and not letting your seat go a moment before you are finished (even if you are getting the hover/glare from other patrons). Just do anything, other than this. Then, you would have made just one important person happy, YOU.

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