Mirror Loop: The Inner reflects the Outer


Image by spike55151 via Flickr

The old alchemy texts say “As above, so below”, Meaning that any phenomena in the outer world mirrors an inner aspect of ourselves. Anything that we rail against, that gets us fired up and steaming mad, has its roots in our own pain. Criticism from others only sticks to us when it echos something our inner critic also says. If it didn’t, we would laugh it off as ridiculous.

It also works when we have wonderful experiences too. The great time we are having has its roots, not in the events or people surrounding us, but in our own joyful nature. When we are primed for a good time, that is all we have.

This way of looking at life can provide some great insights when seemingly random things happen to us. When life seems to be heaping turds on your table, it might be wise to see if you have been having shitty thoughts lately. Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t, the important thing is to look.

It is in looking at our lives as an extension of the self that the true magic happens. If the outer mirrors the inner, who can you be angry at? It propels you toward peace with spurs of compassion. Wanting world peace is a noble wish, but always ask yourself, “Who am I at war with?’ Every punch thrown curves back and hits you in the face.

Of course we can equally look at the beautiful things in life too, as part of our inner landscape. A great friend can only be in your life if you are also that great. A beautiful piece of music can only be appreciated by a willing ear. Somewhere within you, your inner composer delights in hearing the creative vibrations.

This kind of gentle questioning can lead you to all kinds of interesting answers. Whether the answers are right are not is completely unimportant. What is important is the act of questioning. Turning inward to find the answers, we allow our own wisdom to unfold. The longer we look into the eyes of another, the sooner we find we are looking at ourselves.


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