Paper Snowflakes

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For the first time ever, my son and I made paper snowflakes. Having an excited three-year old handle real scissors can liven up any evening. How wonderful to savour these precious little moments. At times I cannot believe how fast he is growing and developing and others he reminds me of his newborn self. Every single stage he has been in, I have told myself “Remember this. Savour this. This moment only comes once.”

It is a beautiful exercise, savoring. All too often we race through experiences trying to stay two steps ahead. We live in a culture that is chronically stressed, distracted and busy. “Busy” is a badge of honour, but “Savour” is a luxury reserved for holidays. But savouring life is required to properly live it. What are you rushing for? Where do you think this journey of life ends? Savouring is living.

There is no excuse for not savouring life. It doesn’t need time, money or even to change what you do. Savouring is a change of focus. It could also be called living in the Now; though, I like the word ‘savouring’ better because it is more descriptive. How do you live in the Now moment? You savour it. Good, bad, a bit of each, savour it all. No moment lasts forever, everything changes; so enjoy every part of this delicious life! 🙂


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  1. Kelsey
    Nov 20, 2011 @ 13:48:03

    ‘“Busy” is a badge of honour, but “Savour” is a luxury reserved for holidays.’ – What an ‘aha!’ moment! Thank you.


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