Never Give Up

StepsTrudging on through snow
dead long night
struck numb

Aching channels of ice
pushed through tender chambers
four part compartment
kept closed for safety

Empty out the painfilled cupboard
Wash the tearfilled dishes
Scrub the sad floors and
Make the bed left waiting
for the morning light

Step lightly through
mist filled eyes
softly waking into
unknown day

Stepping at a self made pace
into azure morning light

Turn it out
Turned inside out
azure morning light
peeks into tiny glimmers
kind curiousity illuminates
once dark ice-filled chambers

Frozen rivers now flow freely
and drip from lashes curled
by the long night

Softly step
into the

Resilient, persistent.
Wise from wintry night
Arches solely toward the light
Lightfilled chambers

with love’s full might.


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