Inner Ally

DC Comics' Wonder Woman

A few posts ago I mentioned that my writing group homework for this month was to connect with my Inner Ally and ask her “What makes me great as a writer?” It has been an interesting writing journey this last month to be sure, and I love the process of nurturing the supportive voice rather than the critical voice.

So here is what my Inner Ally had to say:

You are a great writer because, first and foremost, you write. It is as simple as that. It takes tremendous courage to write in public and that is what you are doing everyday. Most great books never get written just simply because these wonderful writers convince themselves they are no good and never try. Sitting to write is the most important aspect of your writing. You have seen your writing style shift and develop over the past few months of consistent effort. Writing is a skill that must be practiced and you are doing that.

You bring to your writing a diverse blend of left and right brain knowledge. You have a unique perspective that merges science with the spiritual. Your sensitivity to both worlds makes you a great bridge between old and new thinking. You think deeply about the world and all of its inhabitants. Through your writing you are able to get other people to think deeply about their lives and their world. This is important work. Nothing changes until consciousness changes.

I like you, Inner Ally, you can stay! 😀


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