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Talking in the evening. Porto Covo, Portugal

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Would you rather be peaceful or right?

This is something that Wayne Dyer often says on his radio interviews on During conversations and arguments we quickly take sides and vigorously defend our ideas. We are right and they are wrong. But clinging to the concept of ‘being right’ means we also cling to the concept of ‘being wrong’. We put ourselves in an endless loop of suffering.

There is an easy technique to figure out if you are struggling to be right. When you are having a conversation, take a moment and listen with your heart. Just let the wisdom in your heart interpret the words the other person is speaking. Through this filter you can quickly see any verbal attack as a cry of pain. Your heart can quickly see that you are an independent spirit and you do not need the agreement of another person to be a valuable being, you are a slice of the Divine with cherries on top. Your heart can also see that the other person is also equally valuable. Indeed, your heart also has the wisdom to know that the Universe is large enough to contain all opinions and beliefs simultaneously with zero conflict.

Heart listening is a tremendous practice in any conversation. It opens the doors to understanding and resolution. You will find that you naturally listen more than talk. When you talk, it is relevant, clear and inclusive. You begin to hear, not just the words the other person is using but their true message, you hear their need. People automatically relax when they are listened to on such a deep level. They feel respected, and what’s more you have a deeper respect for yourself.

When you tune into what your heart has to say to you, you realize you no longer have to be wrong or right. You can have your opinions, choices and preferences without needing to have them, or you, be accepted by one other person. You begin to see your own infinite value and limitless potential. You become more of your true essence in a way that opens the door for everyone to do the same. Your light does not diminish anyone, but it becomes a source of inspiration to the world.


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  1. Sam
    Nov 08, 2011 @ 10:09:35

    Thank you Geneva! My heart hears you loud and clear! This is exactly what I needed to hear! I appreciate your words deeply.



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