Three Steps

Three Steps

Pregnancy art.jpg

Am I magnificent
or just massive?
My private core is pushed to the surface.
I lead the way with my vulnerability.
With a groan, I heave myself from place to place,
Inelegantly shuffling my swollen feet in plain boots.

Gone are my tight red boots
with their lovely toes and seductive heels.

The lilt and lightness in my stride has faded in the wake of my round belly.
The lovely slope from rib to navel to succulent hip is a distant fond memory.
The flexible hips and glorious back that could move a thousand ways to meet my lover are restricted to a pathetic jumble of awkward poses.

My swollen clumsiness has erased the faded memory of my feline grace.

How is it possible for you to see my beauty when I am blind to it?
My eyes tightly closed I fail to see
the full & luscious curve of my breast.
The round arch of my belly
flaunts my creative sexual power.

I house a miracle within my flesh,

Pure loving energy

Transmuted into tiny hands and feet.
Powerful explosive orgasmic force
effortlessly held within me.
Unabashed evidence of my sexuality
leads the way through the door.

Eyes filled with wonder follow me.
I catch a glimpse of a beautiful woman
on the street.
It takes three steps
for me
to see
that she is me.


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