Party Time

Friendship in Uzbekistan (Sigismund von Dobsch...

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There is something magical about having friends over for dinner. Sharing food, stories and laughs. It lights up the whole house for days afterwards. Friendship is not just a nice to have thing, it is a key ingredient in our health and longevity.

We are social creatures and we need strong, healthy connections to other people. A fascinating site,, has a test that rates your biological age; it takes into account your health history, emotional well-being, diet and fitness. Having healthy relationships make you younger. Think about that. Having a good friend is as important as eating your vegetables.

This is some thing you can feel after a great chat with a friend. You are uplifted. Burdens are lighter. Friends help you see your life from a different angle and often provide great insight.

So live a nice long life, and call a friend.  🙂


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