Discovering the size of your spirit


How much joy do you let in? Do you stop the flow of goodness before it starts. When things start to get really good for you do you find a way to stomp the happiness out of it? We are trained to believe that we are these small, helpless beings tossed around in this sea of chaos called life. We accept that we can’t change anything and that we should just keep our heads down to avoid the rubber bullets that get aimed at dissenters. But that is just plain nonsense.

We are these huge, magnificent beings that get the brief pleasure of walking around in these physical bodies. Our directed thought toward what we want is all that is needed to begin to change matter itself. Through the power of pure feeling, we can manifest our greatest joy or our greatest sorrow. Everything in your life can turn around in an instant the second you think a different thought. So what kind of life do you want to have?

In the centre of your heart is a source of power so tremendous it can bring you all of the solutions you are looking for. The odd thing is that our ego guards this light so fiercely it can convince you it isn’t there. The ego is a swirl of illusions and separation, it keeps a petty little record of all of the times you have ever been hurt, humiliated or harmed. The ego brings all these things up when you get close to your inner source of enlightenment. It is sort of like an advanced burglar alarm gone haywire; the ego has forgotten that you live here.

So there is a shell of pain and suffering that surrounds your inner light. This is why meditation can be so difficult at times, to get to our core we have to wade through the muck of emotions that we haven’t yet finished with. As we let these old emotions go, one by one, we get closer and closer to our own Source energy. If you are feeling sadness, stay with the sadness; don’t distract yourself from the feeling. Just dive into it. What you find is that the more you focus on the emotional state you are in right now, the faster it shifts. It pops like a bubble.

What you are left with is a view of your infinite well of energy, right in the core of your heart. All you have to do to reach enlightenment is let go of everything that weighs you down and believe you can.

I have had little brief glimmers of this state that keep me going back for more. I find the true challenge is to hold that expansive feeling in your mind at the same time as you are able to focus on the details of living. After all somebody still has to pay the bills and feed the cat. I think that is why most of the enlightened sages in the world had a team of people, followers, around them that took care of their day to day needs. The most advanced spiritual training is not to escape to a distant monastery to find enlightenment, but to find it where you are, in the middle of a busy city, living a busy life.


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  1. yogaleigh
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 00:22:06

    Yes! Living an ordinary life in a spiritual way has been my challenge and my goal for many years. Thanks.


  2. Sam
    Oct 28, 2011 @ 05:06:25

    As I stare at the recent abundance that has come my way, I am filled with gratitude and fear. Fear that this is only temporary. While this may be true, you have made ms see that I am limiting myself by thinking this way. Thank you for writing this post and bringing awareness to my limiting thoughts!



  3. bwinwnbwi
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 04:52:27

    I really, really like the above post. Thanks for stopping at my blog. Sometimes things happen for a reason. Another person (sometimes unhappy person) also stops by my blog. She did today. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to do a little cut and past here to comment on her comment. I look forward to visiting your blog.
    Thanks again.


  4. firepitboss
    Nov 16, 2011 @ 11:03:37

    I serve a sovereigned God. May not be the same as yours, but thats ok. I have noticed something lately that may be hampering peoples spirit. It is only too common that folks, in a fit of rage, ask God to damn something. Is it possible that the request’s are being granted. May this explains why we have so many issues in life. Our relationships may be damned simply because we requested them to be so. Of course, no-one really expects this result, but it just could be what is wrong.


    • Geneva Robins
      Nov 16, 2011 @ 11:30:22

      Yes, it raises an interesting point. If God always says yes to all of our prayers, then we will always get what we ask for. I think most of the time people speak in an unconscious way, but God (or the organizing intelligence of the Universe, as I think of it) is always listening. I think that is why Jesus spent so much time in his teachings talking about forgiveness and love. If you want forgiveness and love in your life, then you have to forgive and love.


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