Why Feet?

I’m a big fan of feet. As a reflexologist, maybe that is not so surprising. I really fell in love with reflexology the first time I went to get a treatment. My reflexologist was a brilliant woman, and was the most spiritually connected person I have ever met. The first session she looked at me and said “ah, another reflexologist!”. I quickly said, “No, no, that isn’t me. I’m not sure what I want, but I doubt I’m good for anything other than getting treatments.” Funny how things happen.

So this wise woman went on to teach me about the reflexes and the connection of our health to our emotions during each session I had with her. It was a wonderful immersive experience, to learn spontaneously in a very relaxed way. I went on, many years later to complete my training and get certified, but I still consider her to be my first teacher.

What really sold me on reflexology, though, was my own experience. From the first session, Denise kept asking if I ever hurt my back or hip. I kept saying “No, no never”. That is until just before my fourth session. Many months before, I had slipped on some black ice on the sidewalk. I had bags of groceries in my hands so I just crashed down on my hip. It was one of those falls where it took a long time to get up, and I was so sore I could barely walk for three weeks. I had completely forgotten it.

The realization that I had completely forgotten such a painful event made me understand just how powerful our brains are, and it drove home the need to ask clients questions and know that they most likely will not remember all of their history. Often it is the health problems that are forgotten that hold the key to unlocking the health of the body.

The next session arrived and I relayed my recovered memory with my reflexologist while she worked on my foot. She asked me questions about it and explained that all too often we don’t heal fully, we just cope. Coping is not the same as healing. At the end of the session, I reached into my purse, and that tiny twist caused something in my lower back to release with a loud pop. I discovered later that I had likely locked my L5 and my sacrum when I fell about four months earlier, and that after my reflexology treatment I finally had movement in my lower back. It felt amazing.

Up to that point, I had coped so well I didn’t even know I had injured myself and I felt no pain. After a few rounds of reflexology, I had health. But what is more I had a profound example of how this therapy works. Reflexology is holistic and shifts energy in our body as quickly as we allow it to shift. The session is just the tip of the iceberg, the truly profound changes happen when we go home and make many thousands of choices just a tiny bit differently. Those subtle shifts add up to profound, long lasting changes in our bodies. It is a beautiful process to watch, and to experience.

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