The power of clutter clearing

Chinese characters for Feng Shui

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I just finished de-cluttering my bedroom closet. It is just one of those to-do list type things that stick around in the back of your mind for far too long. As Denise Linn says “Clutter clearing is modern day alchemy”. I must say that I whole heartedly agree. Nothing moves energy faster than clearing space for it to move in your home. I alway notice a wonderful shift in the energy, not just in the room, but also in me.

I like to approach clutter clearing with the attitude of an archeologist, or maybe a psychologist. If you view everything in your environment as a symbol and the location and placement of objects as intentional (maybe on a  very subtle level), then you get a wonderful glimpse into your mind-set when you put all that junk there in the first place. This elevates clutter clearing to something deeply spiritual. It is delving into the corners of your mind and clearing out the cobwebs.

There are many forms of clutter that can clog up our space. Karen Kingston has a fantastic book “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui” that goes through the types of clutter we could have and many helpful tips on how to get rid of it. Denise Linn also has several great books on the subject and puts it in a straight forward way “If you don’t use it or love it, it is clutter.”

So give it a try. Test out this experiment. Clear the clutter from one area of your home (it could be as big as a room or small as a drawer) and observe how your energy shifts. Pick an area connected to an issue you are dealing with right now. For example, if you have trouble with your finances, clear out your purse; if you have trouble in relationships, clear out your keepsakes from old flames; if you have trouble in your work, clear out your desk.

And if you are really finding yourself stuck, call on one of the many wonderful professional organizers out there. I’m not biased or anything 😉 but my sister just happens to be the BEST! 😀


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