Inner Ally vs. Inner Critic

My writer’s group homework this month is to make friends with my Inner Ally and ask her “What makes me great?” as a writer. A large part of our discussion centred on the dynamic between our writing selves and our inner critic. We tend to have very well developed inner critics with very loud obnoxious voices, but our inner allies are … where are they… what do they sound like…what do they say?

The idea of activating your inner ally comes from SARK’s book “Make Your Creative Dreams Real“. It is a wonderful resource for anyone in a creative field. It is filled with many wonderful ideas to kick your butt out of bed to start living your creative potential. Highly recommended.

The inner critic is gruff, grumpy, easily dissatisfied, easily distracted, scared, tired, and demanding. The good news is that the critic is easily distracted. I like to visualize my inner critic as a demanding, bratty child that is just causing trouble because they are bored. I give my little critic something fun to do while I work like going to the playground. I have spent a lot of time with my inner critic, but not much with my inner ally.

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, displaying her a...

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My inner ally has a voice like a good friend, she is kind and patient, she is enthusiastic like a cheerleader. She is also strong and can happily say no to things that pull her off track. She can roar as loud as any goddess and is always looking out for my best interests,like a mama bear protecting her cub. She is the part of me that speaks up whenever I say ‘No, thank you”, and whenever I say “I choose…”. She is soft and comforting, like a warm hug, but just never try to convince her that it is ok to compromise your spirit. She is no pushover and that is a very good thing. If I were to draw her, she might look like Wonder Woman, feminine and strong. Or she might look like a fierce goddess like Kali, who slays demons of ego, but saves babies on the battlefield. Or she might be like a jungle cat, nursing her babies in between hunts. Or she might look just like me.


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  1. Jamie Hyatt
    Oct 30, 2011 @ 20:48:10

    Love it! Great post Geneva! I am excited on delving in to my mind and retreaving my inner ally 🙂


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