You Can Create an Exceptional Life

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I’m reading “You Can Create an Exceptional Life” by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson. It is a delightful peek into the conversations between these two amazing women. They discuss the power of affirmations and the courage to step up and change your life. It is a thoroughly convincing explanation of how important loving yourself is to realizing your dreams.

A key exercise is to do what Louise calls mirror work; you look into your eyes in a mirror and say ‘I love and approve of you’. Try it out if you haven’t before. It is one thing to say affirmations out loud, but it adds another dimension when you look in a mirror. You can’t hide from the places where you get stuck. You see it in your face right away. Believe it or not, that is a good thing.

By acknowledging where you have more work to do, and which affirmations you get stuck on, you can dial down the intensity of the affirmation. For some people, it is nearly impossible to say ‘I love you” to their reflection. They just don’t believe it. But if you go back to an affirmation that is easy to say, something like ‘I’m willing to learn to love you” or even ” I’m willing to think about one day liking you”, you can begin to make real progress. Repeating words without really feeling them will not bring the results you are looking for.

I have found that the perfect affirmation to work on is the one that causes something to go ‘zing’ in your chest, or the one that you can say when you read it, but you instantly forget as soon as you look away. The feeling of a deep resonance is easy to connect with an affirmation that will work for you. But even more, the one’s that are tough to remember signal a resistance and an area of your life that you can expand and let more light in.

‘I’m willing to change’ has been one that used to stick in my throat everytime I looked in a mirror. If I didn’t look in my eyes I could recite it hundreds of times without stopping. I realized that a hundred affirmations said without feeling are nowhere near as powerful as one affirmation said through quivering lips and tear-filled eyes. It is the power of the new feeling, of self-love, is what affirmations are training you to do.

Give it a try. It is completely free, and it just might make your life extraordinary. 🙂


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