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I’ve been writing everyday since early October as part of the 2011 Post a Day Challenge. I love it. It is a challenge to my writing muscles and to my ego. I’m now convinced that a regular commitment to writing is the antidote to any form of writer’s block.

I’ve been through writer’s block before, while writing my master’s thesis. I clearly recall the clenching rush of panic that would sweep through me every time I approached the computer. Then, I was paralyzed by the thought of the thesis defense. Truly, criticism is the great slayer of the creative impulse. I got through it then by making a commitment to show up at the keyboard and solely focus on one sentence at a time. The 2011 Post a Day Challenge feels very similar to me.

It has the same familiar wrestle when I sit to write. The inner critic peers over my shoulder and suggests that I have nothing to write about. But everyday I have something to share, so everyday the inner critic gets quieter. So the more I write, the easier it gets. I find it frees up space in my mind, it quiets worries and tames the ego.

I have been given a great reminder that to be a writer you must write. Not just once in a while, but everyday, like breathing. I created this blog as a place to freely write without trying to get it perfect, or limit myself in anyway. It creates a safe haven for my fledgling creative impulses.

I suggest this to any other writers out there.

  1. Create a cosy venue for your writing where you are not restricted by the annoying taunts of your inner critic. Think of it as safe space where the normal rules don’t apply to you.
  2. Write from your heart. Don’t delete anything. Keep moving forward.
  3. Write something everyday. (As my husband put it “SEO’s don’t care what you write. You could write ‘Fart. Fart. Fart.’ and it would increase your visibility”)
  4. Give yourself praise for the act of writing, not for how good you think it is. I like to read my posts again after they are published. I also get a little thrill out of the feeling of being a member of the postaday2011 tag. You could also find some gold stars and reward your inner kindergartener.
  5. Editing is dead last. Leave it alone. There is a reason why every major writer has an editor who is a whole separate human being. Creating and editing are two completely different skills. Think of it as adding the ice cream to your pie before you bake it; it makes a giant mess. Seriously, don’t edit till the end.
  6. Enjoy the process and hang on for the ride!

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